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BAND Against Bullying seeks to raise community awareness of bullying related issues and challenges and to raise support of anti-bullying legislation, education, and other related efforts, through an inter-school arts competition related to the theme of DIGNITY.


Bullying and harassment occur frequently among youth (1 out of 3 students involved as perpetrator, target, or both).
Bullying and harassment are related to social, emotional, behavioral, and academic problems, and can impact all of those involved.
There is unprecedented attention to these issues in the media, legislation (i.e. Dignity for All Students Act, effective July 2012), and the general public.
Schools are at the forefront of many of the bullying efforts and mandates.
Schools face competing priorities (budget challenges, mandates about teacher performance assessment).
Youth involvement and leadership are critical for change.


Signed into law September 13, 2010, and took effect on July 1, 2012. In accordance with the New York State Government, the Dignity for All Students Act, otherwise known as, the Dignity Act, aims to provide New York State public, elementary, and secondary schools with:

A safe and supportive environment on school property (i.e. school grounds, school bus, or any school function)
Free of any discrimination, intimidation, harassment, taunting, and/or bullying
It amended Section 801-a of the New York State Education Law to expand on its components of tolerance and dignity awareness of people to include sensitivity to:

  • Different races
  • Mental abilities
  • Weights
  • Physical abilities
  • National Origins
  • Sexual orientations
  • Ethnic groups
  • Gender identity
  • Religions
  • Sexes
  • Religious practices

For more information: http://www.p12.nysed.gov/dignityact/


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